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5 ways to build an in-store ecosystem that keeps customers coming back

5 ways to build an in-store ecosystem that keeps customers coming back

A business’ brick-and-mortar location should be just as much a part of the brand as the logo. But, turning the intangible ideas that make up your brand into a tactile retail experience is no easy task. Here’s what the experts suggest to help turn your store into an experience that reflects your brand.

Appeal to all of the senses.

The first thing that comes to mind in retail design is probably the way your store looks — but don’t ignore other senses. CEO of Delta Global, a packaging company, Robert Lockyer suggests creating an experience that targets multiple senses. If you create a luxury look, but your store smells like commercial cleaning products, the ecosystem doesn’t feel complete. Think of smell, touch, and sound as well as sight. And in some cases, even taste where appropriate.

Create the feel of a treasure hunt.

Finding a deal on a hard-to-find item feels akin to finding treasure — and that’s something that could drive more customers to your store, suggests Vend HQ. How do you create that treasure hunt feel? With limited edition items and rotating products. Frequently adjusting some products — if it makes sense for your brand — can keep frequent customers entertained as well.

Create a layout with flow.

Have you ever left a store frustrated because you couldn’t actually find what you were looking for? Layout is important when creating a positive ins-tore ecosystem. Snap Retail suggests creating a layout that flows, where navigating is almost an instinct and products are well-organised. Creating aisles that are clear of clutter also helps.

Get creative with modern technology.

Technology too, can help add to the overall feel of your brand, even in-store. Some stores have integrated tablets in store to help find products or learn about products, while others allow you to check out on a tablet, or integrate large screens with content into the design. Brainstorm ways that technology could enhance the in-store experience for your brand.

Keep prioritising employees.

A great store design means nothing if customers keep leaving because of poor customer service. The people inside your store are part of the ecosystem too. Make sure employees are properly trained and offer incentives to employees that offer the best customer service. Also, make sure your employees are updated with any store changes, so they can easily help with new layouts or using new in-store technology.

The in-store environment is just as much of a reflection on your brand as the sign out front. Make sure that in-store environment is sending the right message.