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Diland Photo Kiosk Software

Diland Photo Kiosk Software

Are you aware of all the benefits you get to enjoy in your photo business when you choose Diland Photo Kiosk Software? First up you don’t need to throw away your existing kiosks, immediately saving you a bundle of money, but there’s a lot more to help you make or save money.

Diland Photo Kiosk Software is in a class of its own. It is designed and developed by FIT Engineering, an Italian-based company that specialises in the customised design and manufacture of hardware and software systems, mainly for the photo printing market.

Since 2004 FIT Engineering has successfully been developing, manufacturing and selling Kiosk hardware and Diland Photo Kiosk Software solutions for photo retailers. In Europe alone it has an installed base of more than 6,000 units in countries as diverse as Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Malta.

Diland Photo Kiosk Software offers amazing value

Diland Photo Kiosk Software will talk to any device that has a windows driver. So no matter what equipment changes you make in your lab, you are able to output precisely what your customers want, using your existing kiosks.

And given the latest research into the value customers place on the personalisation of products and services, Diland Photo Kiosk Software can help you attract more business to your store.

With Diland Photo Kiosk Software you can totally personalise the experience for your customers. For example you can customise:

  • your screen savers
  • the products you offer
  • your prices
  • your service times
  • what your products are called
  • the order in which they appear on the kiosk screen.
  • the images used to depict those products so they become unique to your business

Plus any changes you make on Studio Manager are instantly pushed to all your kiosks when you press the ‘update’ icon.

Diland Photo Kiosk Software also lets you easily add categories for event photos. For example the official photos from a local community event could be given to you by the pro-photographer for loading onto your system.

Customers from across the local community can then come to your store, choose “events”, select the photos they need and order their photo products exactly the way they want them printed.

This is a unique service offering for both the pro-photographer and your regular customers. It also helps attract new customers who might not otherwise visit your store.

With Diland Photo Kiosk Software you can also add your own content.  If you have pro-photographers or enthusiasts who want to sell their photos through your business, they can give you their files to upload onto your system.

You can then promote the service via your social media activities, to attract a broad range of customers who can then easily select and print the images they like. A win/win outcome for all!

Best of all Diland Photo Kiosk Software lets you produce anything you want to make in store. If there is anything you want to offer, but not make in store, it can be sent to hot folders for sending on to your external provider.

Surprisingly Diland Photo Kiosk Software features a low, entry cost and the annual licensing fee is likewise, very attractive. After 12 months you can update your licences for just AUD$380 +gst for the first kiosk and Order Manager (DiLand Studio) combined. Additional kiosks are just AUD $100+gst each. On a weekly basis that’s equivalent to less than the price of 3 cups of coffee!

Diland Photo Kiosk Software is definitely in a class of its own so to learn more now simply click here