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How to Expand Your Business Using eBay

How to Expand Your Business Using eBay

Looking for ways to grow your business? eBay’s online sales platform could be the answer. Using eBay is straightforward, and there’s no fancy application process to get started with sales on eBay. Yet, eBay is one of the more popular eCommerce websites, which means you could put your product in front of a lot of people. So what’s the best way to expand an existing business using eBay? Here are five ideas.

Try an eBay store instead of basic listings.

Anyone can list products without upfront fees to sell on eBay. But subscribing to eBay’s store options allows businesses to create a custom store front page. With an eBay Store, you’ll also gain access to marketing tools and discounts that aren’t available otherwise. The format also makes it easier to promote your items and track sales, if you’re willing to spend a few bucks on the Store subscription.

Discount combined shipping to encourage more sales.

What’s better than selling one item on eBay? Selling two. Offering a discount to buyers who purchase more than one item from your store front can help increase your sales. Discounts will encourage buyers to order more than one product. Similarly, eBay will also allow you to set temporary sales to encourage shoppers to buy now.

Make sure buyers can find your listings.

Your products won’t sell if no one sees them. To build more sales on eBay, make sure your product listings are easy to find. User keywords in the title and description that buyers are likely to search for. If the product has more than one name, for example, integrate both to make it easier to find in a web search. eBay also has tools to boost listings inside eBay search results.

Mix your existing business with your eBay listings.

Expanding a business using eBay and starting an eBay-exclusive business are two entirely different tasks. Take advantage of the fact that you’ve already got a business up and running. Use existing resources like an email marketing list, your social media accounts, and even in-store flyers to spread the word that customers can also shop on eBay. Link to your eBay store on your website.

Understand how eBay is different.

Several things will overlap between selling on eBay and selling through your usual channels — but eBay is also different. Make sure you understand how eBay works before embarking on the new eBay expansion. Look through other listings for similar products and see how you can make yours stand out. Seller ratings are everything on eBay, so when you get that first sale, be sure to put your best foot forward on customer service to get started with a high rating.

Sure, eBay is home to many business owners that run a business exclusively on eBay. But expanding to eBay is a good way for many existing businesses to expand their online sales. Try an eBay Store, create combined shipping discounts and more to help your venture into eBay go smoothly.