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New Updated Version of the LifePics App Approved For Release

A newly updated version of the LifePics iPhone app has been approved for the app store. The new version of the Lifepics iPhone app is lighter, faster and includes some exciting new updates and features, including updated support for iPhone 5 so the app fits seamlessly to the screen.

For a much cleaner and modern user experience Lifepics have also changed the image loading functionality to fade the images in as they load instead of the current “loading” icon showing. Much of the initial behind-the-scenes processing has been relegated to just that and as a result, the app loads much faster with the loading screen only displaying for a moment before moving the customer right into the app itself.

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Retailers benefit from another Lifepics innovation – the WidePhotoViewer iPhone and iPad App

LifePics has recently released their latest mobile app integration called WidePhotoViewer. Designed for use with iPhone and iPad the WidePhotoViewer application enables customers to view and order photos downloaded from Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug and Dropbox, as well as from their device’s photo library or their LifePics online photo account. Orders are immediately sent to the customer’s chosen store for the retailer to print. Customers can then pick up their order whenever they are ready and pay for it in person.

Steuart Meers from Photo Direct says they are excited about this innovation as it is LifePics second app in the iPhone and iPad App Store and because it caters to a different user base than the LifePics for iPhone ordering app.
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LifePics announces new iPhone App for customers to order photo prints

Lifepics has just released a new version of their iPhone app that allows customers to place orders from their iPhone direct to store.

According to Steuart Meers of Photo Direct, Lifepics partner for Australia and New Zealand, this new app will truly provide Lifepics retailers with a competitive advantage. “The app opens up a new ordering and revenue stream for retailers offering Lifepics” says Steuart. “Customers can order 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14 prints from their iPhone. The app only allows users to order those print sizes that retailers offer on their site. Orders must be picked up and paid for in the store as no payments are taken through the phone.”

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