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Last minute Christmas Shoppers

Catch all those last minute Christmas shoppers and increase your sales !!


Download our free point of sale material files now to ensure you catch all those last minute shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas Gift.

Make sure you order any paper, canvas, ink, block mounts or canvas bar stocks as soon as possible as it is called the silly season for a reason.

The amount of activity on the roads nearly triples so unfortunately our deliveries may be slowed down a little. We are working hard to get all your orders out so you can have a Merry Merry December selling beautiful gifts to your customers.


 Get your FREE point of sale material files here.

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Jetmaster Photo Wraps

Jetmaster Photo Wraps are a brilliant solution to offer your customers who want to achieve a canvas look but, on a shoe-string budget. Jetmaster is also perfect for temporary displays such as trade shows or show homes where you want maximum impact for minimum investment.

With three convenient sizes to choose from, your customers will be able to find the right size that fits their wall space as well as their budget.  Sizes are 12×12”, 11×14” and 16×20”.  Rollers are also available to help your staff achieve a perfect finish.

The JetMaster base is a pre-cut, pre-laminated corrugated board. Press your print down and smooth, fold in the edges of the board – and hang. No bubbles, no untidy corners, no staples and no hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster gallery wrap is so light it can be hung from just one tack.  JetMaster boards are made from mostly recycled content and are fully recyclable. The sturdy corrugated board construction ensures prints don’t bow or sag over time.

Watch a short video here.

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Keep sales flowing until Christmas Eve

Keep sales flowing until Christmas Eve with Gallerie Wrap and Go Frame

We all know that customers expect to buy what they want, when they want, so don’t disappoint them this week and next, just because your framer has closed off orders for delivery pre Christmas.

There’s a simple, convenient and profitable way to avoid missing out on valuable, last minute sales by making your own canvases using our Gallerie Wrap and Go Frame products. Even if you haven’t made one before, you and your staff will master it in minutes.

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Go Frames – a new idea for framing canvases

Consumers with a passion for photography or interior design are driving demand for new and different ways to showcase their canvas prints. And after attending Photokina, Photo Direct’s sales director, Tracy Lints reckons she has the ideal answer.

Impressed by their unique assembly system plus a host of nifty features Tracy says Go Frames simply sell themselves. To back up her claim Tracy took a couple of before and after photos to demonstrate how easily you can up-sell your canvas customers to this hot-selling, great-looking product.

Stock is now available so compare the images and watch the video then order your requirements for the upcoming Festive Season.

IMG_1644  IMG_1645