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Automate Liquid Laminate Application

Following our article on Clearsheild Liquid Laminate for Canvas a few weeks ago we have been asked if there is a less manual way of applying Liquid Laminate for high volume users.

Yes there is, with the Starlam 1600 roll to roll liquid laminator.

The StarLam 1600R roll to roll liquid laminator applies a smooth consistent coating of ClearShield water-based liquid laminate. Handling a wide variety of substrates up to 64″ wide, the StarLam makes liquid lamination quick and easy.

The innovative and proven system offers increased profitability by providing a cost effective, simple laminating solution.

The Starlam 1600

  • Ships ready to use
  • Coats a variety of substrates up to 1.6m wide (64″)
  • Applies a smooth, even and consistent coating
  • Easy to use and it is designed for single operator use
  • Clean up in less than 10 minutes
  • Suitable for store front shop or high production printing
  • Designed for use with ClearShield Liquid Laminate


  • Vehicle graphics
  • Canvas
  • Back lit signs
  • PoS – Point of Sale
  • Treade show displays
  • Banners
  • Wall Coverings

To Find out more about the Starlam 1600 Liquid Laminator or Clearsheild liquid laminates contact us

Call 1300 364 817 or email us to find out more


Save now on DGI canvas, ClearShield and Gallerie Wrap Framing Bars


The wedding and party season is a great opportunity to dress up your marketing and put some extra spring in your cash register. As always your customers will have heaps of reasons to celebrate this year and no doubt photos will be front and centre. To get your share of consumer spending make your store the go-to-place for amazing memories and stunning displays using DGI canvas, ClearShield and Gallerie Wrap Canvas Framing Bars.
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ClearShield Liquid Laminate

ClearShield Satin Liquid Laminates offer the same protection as film laminates while saving as much as 60% in production cost.  UV protection, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility are just some of the benefits of protecting digital prints and canvas with ClearShield Satin liquid laminates.

To ensure maximum protection Clearshield laminates are specifically formulated for a variety of inks and applications such as Canvas, Fine Art Canvas banners, truck side curtains, fine art prints and vehicle graphics.

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