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Improve your customers’ experience & your online sales

Your bottom line is top priority for the team at LifePics and Photo Direct. That’s why we’ve put together a blueprint of fresh features and technology to drive new photo-product sales and increase existing sales. Our roadmap for 2013 & 2014 covering 4 key developments features a number of highlights:
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LifePics announce new card designs

lifepics new cards

LifePics now has available hundreds of new card designs in many categories including ever-popular Baby Announcements, Bridal Showers and Save the Date cards. The creative team has pushed the envelope on this project to ensure there’s an even bigger selection of styles and messages that your customers can choose from.

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Enjoy a better view with LifePics

LifePics retailers continue to enjoy a steady stream of improvements to their sites with the next significant initiative being aimed at our retailers’ customers who prefer to make bigger projects online rather than spending their time in-store on a kiosk.
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Guest Ordering now available on LifePics

LifePics retailers can now activate a new feature on their site called Guest Ordering. This allows customers to start an order without having an account.  At the time they order, a customer can choose whether they would like to create an account or simply continue to place the order as a guest. “This is a very timely announcement.” says Tracy Lints of Photo Direct. “This new feature will ensure existing and new customers enjoy the same seamless experience while retailers will have access to more customer information through the Admin Site.” Shown below is one of the new customer interfaces plus the customer search feature on the Order Tracker page for retailers.

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New Updated Version of the LifePics App Approved For Release

A newly updated version of the LifePics iPhone app has been approved for the app store. The new version of the Lifepics iPhone app is lighter, faster and includes some exciting new updates and features, including updated support for iPhone 5 so the app fits seamlessly to the screen.

For a much cleaner and modern user experience Lifepics have also changed the image loading functionality to fade the images in as they load instead of the current “loading” icon showing. Much of the initial behind-the-scenes processing has been relegated to just that and as a result, the app loads much faster with the loading screen only displaying for a moment before moving the customer right into the app itself.

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Exciting Times Ahead for Lifepics

The founder of Lifepics, Vahe Christianian has recently announced the acquisition of LifePics by the Taylor Corporation, an organization which has grown to be one of the largest privately-held companies in the United States by serving independent retailers in the commercial printing world.

In a statement accompanying the announcement LifePics confirmed that it intends to merge its technologies and provide its customers with better tools to more effectively tackle the challenges and opportunities of today’s industry.  Mr Christianian stated, “We believe our greatest opportunity is the convergence of photo and personalization in the marketplace. As such this acquisition shows our collective commitment to furthered technology investment and to providing the best and most profitable private-branded services for our customers’ businesses. In effect, we will dramatically expand our platform through enhanced technology, a broader range of products and services, richer content and better support.”
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Lifepics Announce New Canvas Prints Engine and More

Lifepics have announced that canvas prints continue to be their most popular new photo product this year and as a result Lifepics have moved canvas print products onto their new gifting engine. For readers familiar with the Lifepics service the new engine has a similar look, feel and functionality as their photo book, calendar and greeting card engines. Steuart Meers at Photo Direct says, “This new engine will make a big difference by allowing customers to choose from a variety of sizes and styles of canvas prints, and perform several edits on their photos. Editing abilities include adding text to a canvas print, rotating and cropping photos, and adding multiple images to a canvas. Customers can also add backgrounds, clip art, and borders to photos on the canvas print if they choose.”
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